Sis enrichment center is the one-stop solution for families with children.  We provide  group and private TUTORING SERVICES ART & MUSIC lessons for children.

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Tutoring Math and Other Subjects

At Sis Tutoring Center, we provide group & private tutoring for math and other subjects from Pre-k to 12th grades offering both private and in a small group. With our Extended and Enrich Programs we provide worksheets covering 12 math topics per grade.



Music Lessons For Children

Sis Music Center provides  one on one private music lessons for children teaching them how to play piano, guitar, and violin.



Art Classes For Children

Sis Art Center offers comprehensive art classes that teaches multiple drawing techniques and covers multiple mediums. We keep our classes small so that we can pay close attention to each student. We offer customized assistance and lesson plans for students of all backgrounds and levels.


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Sis enrichment center is your one-stop solution when you need dependable tutoring services, and/or experienced art and music instructors in Glendale and surrounding areas.  At our center, we tutor students in all subjects from Pre-k to 12th grade, offer piano, guitar, and violin classes, offer comprehensive art classes that teaches multiple drawing techniques and covers multiple mediums.

Sis Enrichment Center offers both individual and small group tutoring (no more than 4 students to a class).

Our music classes are all private.

We offer small group art classes (no more than 8 to a class/ 4 student per instructor). We keep our classes small so that we can pay individual attention to each student whether they are doing tutoring or art. We offer customized assistance and lesson plans for students of all backgrounds and levels.

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Yes, you are in a right place to FIND TUTORS & TUTORING SERVICES. If you are looking to FIND TUTORS & TUTORING SERVICES, you are in a great place. We provide tutoring in Glendale, CA. Please take a moment to read the following.

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the math skills that students learn at a young age build a foundation for future learning endeavors and can be a good indicator of whether or not young people will be able to meet and overcome new challenges as they mature.

According to NAEYC, children show a natural interest in mathematics at a young age, and it’s important that parents and teachers take advantage of this critical time in a child’s education to build the foundation that will allow that interest and engagement to continue well into adulthood.

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Learning math is different from learning other subjects. Students learn math by doing.

Elementary math is becoming increasingly important part of childhood education.

We provide math tutoring for:

Elementary Math, Algebra, Math Analysis, Trigonometry, Geometry, PreCalculusCalculus, & College Algebra

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Students ability to write and communicate becomes extremely important as they grow. Interestingly, their education will at some point depend on their ability to comprehend what they read.

In Sis Enrichment Center, we help students with:
Reading, Reading Comprehension, Essay writing skills, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing, School projects, Homework help

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Science has its cultural value. It has a literature of its own. The Scientific discoveries of Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Darwin, Pasteur, Kelvin, Bose, Armstrong and others are treasures of mankind. So, Science has won the first rank of humanistic studies.

Science is useful in that it remedies some of the defects of the ordinary school education. It is found to be the most valuable element in the education of those who show special aptitude. Science provides discipline of mind.

Importance of Learning Science at School

Many students wonder why they need to learn it so early in life. Others just fail to understand the importance of including it in the school years. Science offers the answers to various questions we ask out of curiosity, in our early years. For instance, how does it rain? How does our body function? and many more.

With the knowledge of science, you learn to think logically and solve a problem. It is this problem-solving skill, which is learnt in the early years that have enables a person to solve problems.

Why is learning Science difficult to some students?

Students are required to learn new area of science each year. These elementary and secondary level sciences sometimes don’t overlap in knowledge. Students most of the time have no prior knowledge and are not prepared to move on to the next level.

Sis Enrichment Center is here to help students with the following sciences.

Kindergarten-5th grade

  •         Life sciences
  •         Earth sciences
  •         Physical sciences

6th grade

  •         Earth sciences

7th grade

  •         Life sciences

8th grade

  •         Physical sciences

9th grade – 12th grade

  •         Physics
  •         Chemistry
  •         Biology/ Life sciences
  •         Earth Sciences

Research papers

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Art Lessons For Kids

Lifelong benefits your child will gain from our painting or a drawing classes.

  1. Our painting activities enhance children’s creativity, developing the right side brain encouraging outside box thinking by sharpening their mind through imagination and thinking.
  2. Part of our activities children learn and practice free drawing or painting to express their inner thoughts and feelings. They reflect their emotions through drawing and break free from limitations. This activity helps children better communication over time.
  3. The practice of reflecting thoughts on a paper helps children to learn clear thinking. Clear thinking facilitates children’s brain on systematization and critical thinking.
  4. Another lifelong benefit of painting is emotional restoration. It can help releasing stress by disengagement from present and entering into the world of excitement.
  5. Over time and after a good progress your child will realize about their capabilities which will improve their confidence and self steam. 


In our art classes, students learn how to draw and paint like an artist. They learn and develop the ability to draw anything with complete certainty and control. These courses are perfect for the persons looking to improve their skills for the beginners.

We first work on improving drawing skills. At our center, students will have the opportunity to complete the lesson plan one if they are beginners or lesson plan two if they have some experience. Our lesson plans consist of multiple fun and creative activities that encourages students to think out of the box and create their masterpiece.

After improving their drawing skills, students will be introduced to different types of paints and techniques such as:

Colored pencils

While colored pencils were once considered to be primarily for kids, throughout the years they have been steadily gaining respect amongst artists, galleries, and collectors. Artists are exploring the creative potential of this art-making medium, while art collectors and enthusiasts are wondering at their output!


Also known as literati painting, is an East Asian type of brush painting of Chinese origin that uses black ink. We teach students how to apply more or less pressure on their brushes to make darker or lighter strokes.


Acrylics are good for beginners. They are easy to work with because they’re thicker than watercolor paints. Because of its thickness, it is easy to blend with other colors and easy to control when painting on canvas. Acrylic dries quickly and turns into plastic.


Gouache is a type of paint that’s very similar to watercolor paint but also has characteristics of acrylic paint. What makes Gouache different rom watercolor paint is that it contains chalk to make it more opaque and reflective and thus is heavier paint. This type of paint comes in a large variety of colors and is therefore extra useful for poster art and comics.

Pastels (soft, hard, oil)

They come in 4 forms: hard pastels, soft pastels, pastel pencils, and oil pastels. They are held in the same way that you would hold a pencil. There are multiple techniques for pastels such as :

  •         Drawing with the end of a pastel
  •         Using the edge of a pastel
  •         Hatching and cross hatching
  •         Blending pastels
  •         Scumbling pastels
  •         Feathering with pastels
  •         Dusting with pastels


Of all the painting processes, watercolor painting is known for its inherent delicacy and subtlety because watercolor art is all about thin washes and transparent color. There are multiple techniques to watercolor some of which are:

  • Wet-on- dry watercolor technique
  • Dry-on – dry watercolor technique
  • Dry-on-wet watercolor technique
  • Flat wash watercolor technique
  • Gradated wash watercolor technique
  • Variegated wash watercolor technique


Oils are the thickest paints and easiest to control. They however take days to dry. There is just something about oils that make that medium the king of all mediums. Oils can hold a great deal of pigment, which is why oil paintings can be richer in color than some of the other mediums.

At Sis Enrichment Center, we are ready to help you create your masterpiece and develop an appreciation for art.


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If you are looking for music lessons for kids and want them learn how to play an instrument, Sis Enrichment Center is where you want them to be!
At Sis Enrichment Center, we understand the importance of music education,and we are committed to provid our students with the highest quality lesson programs. We offer piano and guitar lessons.

About music lessons:

  •         Private, one-on-one instruction provided
  •         Reasonable rates with no long-term commitments! Every student is on a simple, month-to-month basis.
  •         We make learning fun! By taking a modern approach fused together with the basics, students have fun while learning to play properly.

Our teaching staffs

  •         Our teachers are all educated, top-rated professionals with music degrees in their field and years of teaching experience. We are extremely selective with what teachers we add to our program, to certify that we provide our students with the best teachers.
  •         Learn at your own pace! Beginners to advanced, all styles and levels, we have the right program for you.


  •        Our piano lessons focus on classical, jazz, popular, or traditional piano pieces or any combination of music styles you like.
  •        Our students range from 4 old to 80 plus, and our experienced piano teachers are happy to work with absolute beginners, intermediate, or advanced musicians.
  •        We offer month to month lesson commitments.
  •        our very patient and encouraging piano instructor will keep you motivated and will help you learn to play the pieces that you love!
  •        Learn music you love to play while learning excellent technique. You are never too old to learn how to play piano! We have piano classes for adults too.

Lesson Duration: 30, 45, minute piano lessons.


  •        Sis Enrichment Center is happy to offer acoustic and electric guitar lessons at our center in Glendale to children and adult students of all levels. Beginners of any age are welcome!
  •        All our guitar lessons are one-on-one lessons. With the undivided attention of your teacher, you or your child will see the results many times faster than in a group setting!
  •        30, 45, minute guitar lessons


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