About SIS

Establishment of of Sis Tutoring Center, and later on Sis Enrichment Center, was the way Nancy & Norair wanted to return their share to the community, after they immigrated to the united states. Since then, their programs has helped many of their students to be admitted in top universities, and shape a great future.

They have also created opportunities for college students, to work, learn, and improve. Teaching is the best way of learning. Many of their tutors have acquired their doctoral degrees, and are still in touch with them. 


Norair was known one of the best tutors of his class since the teenage years of his life, tutoring his high school classmates and college friends, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Boolean Mathematics, Math Analysis, and Trigonometry.

With a good background in Mathematics, and tutoring experience, Norair and Nancy established a tutoring business helping the community in 2002.


Both upgraded their education in the United States soon after immigrating. 

Norair acquired  his BS in Electronics & Electrical Engineering and then MS in Control and Power Engineering.

Nancy acquired her BA in Liberal Arts and then MA in Public Administration

SIS Legacy

Establishment of Math Home Tutor, providing tutoring at students’ homes. 

Establishment of the first location of Sis Tutoring Center in Glendale, at 1946 W. Glenoaks Blvd. Glendale Ca. 

Providing math tutoring only to middle school and high school students. 

Preparing Sis Tutoring Center K-12 grade Math and English tutoring curriculum.

Development of Creative and Critical thinking activities. Sis prepared programs to enhance students critical and clear thinking. Students were engaged to solve many thinking puzzles, in different stages. 

Opening the second tutoring location in Glendale

Development of 4 tutoring programs to fulfill all students’ needs.

– Basic program: Tutoring students with their homework with a 1 on 1 approach in a small group of students. Students received helped with their homework questions.

– Advanced program: Tutoring students who wanted to stay ahead of school grade. Sis provided their curriculum  which it was prepared in higher educational standards.

-Enriched program: This was the all time GOLDEN program of Norair. 

Challenged students would receive help with fundamentals to build their foundation, for 30 minutes. And, in the next 30 minutes they would have got help with their homework problems. This caused an accelerated achievement in a short time. 

Advance students would have receive help with their homework and work with Sis prepared advance worksheets. 

Opening the 3rd tutoring location in North Hollywood

Opening the 4th location in Encino

Sis was evolved, gained ton of experience, engaged with many students and educational standards in various levels in Los Angels. This system was running as a family business providing the most affordable service to the community. Norair was kept searching for the big domino. He believed in solving the biggest problem.

Nancy and Norair’s years of commitment to the community resulted in many students well academic achievements admittance and graduations from the top ranking universities. 

Norair and Nancy established their “Enrichment” program. It was different than any program offered in the community. They had the last 16 years of experience to come up with the a complex solution. Their family based business empowered them for many maneuvers and upgrades.

The solution was to help students to gain motivation, balance both sides of their brain, and become social. The result is the program they offer now, with combination  of all kinds of programs to be able to help every single student. 

We are launching our signature program for our students. 
Our students will have access to our recorded videos of the topic we cover during our tutoring sessions. If you are a current student our center click HERE to sign up (for Free).