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 We as parents want to see our kids succeed. We want this for them so they can build a great life for themselves. When there is an obstacle in their way we help them remove it. But sometimes that obstacle is too heavy and you need more help. That’s when we can come in. Sis Enrichment Center is here to help you and your child remove all the heavy obstacles of education. We offer a variety of programs to help your student get the best education possible. We offer math tutoring, Private tutoring, and English tutoring. We do all of this in a one on one manner. 

Math Tutoring

Our math tutoring centers are located in Glendale, and Burbank. We’ve been around helping students for nearly 2 decades. We help students in our after school programs where our math tutors incorporate our math tutoring programs. We teach students everything they need to know in order to be academically successful. To learn more about our math tutoring program, click below!

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Tutoring Language Arts

At Sis Enrichment Center, we offer English Tutoring. Proudly, we have been doing so for twenty years. Consequently, our tutors are very skilled in English. Our team is there to help students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Our English Tutoring service includes, reading tutoring program, writing tutoring and reading comprehension. In addition, we offer private English tutoring sessions. To learn more about our English and Language Arts tutoring program click below.

One On One Tutoring

At Sis Enrichment Center, we offer one on one tutoring but with our own twist. With our experienced tutors, we test the students to see what exactly they know and where the gap is and we create packets to strengthen the parts they don’t know and capitalize on their strength to help them become better students. Along with that,  we have created an affordable method to help everyone out. To learn more about of one on one tutoring click the button below

Private Tutoring Sessions

Sis Enrichment center has proven strategic approaches for private tutoring service. In our private tutoring sessions we help students with all other subjects as well. In these sessions we can help your child with science and history that normally isn’t done in our group tutoring sessions. In fact, this approach helps students to gain confidence, and get a faster result. Along with our well trained tutors ,we help  deliver the most efficient results to help you child succeed fast. Click below to learn more about our private sessions and how they can help you.

About Home Tutoring Sessions

Throughout the years we have done home tutoring as well and noticed that there is something wrong with this method.So, we did some experiments between our home tutoring students and the ones who come to our office. We figured that the ones that come to us do far better than the ones at home. To know why those students are better and what the differences are, click below. 

Summer Tutoring Programs

We have a summer tutoring program to help prevent summer loss. This Is when students take a break from tutoring over the summer and come back to remembering past lessons.We have summer tutoring so that instead of students falling back we can spend more time going forward to help them be ahead of their class for the upcoming school year. To learn about what we do that helps click below. 

Affordable Tutoring

Our Enrichment Center is here to help.One way we like to help is to give you not only the best service but offer you the best price as well. We make it super affordable so you never have to worry about the payment. To learn about our offer click below to schedule an appointment. 

Creating Happy Faces

You and your child will love our tutors and tutoring cervices from day 1. Our tutors are trained with our systematic approaches, to build confidenceenhance motivation, and deliver quick results

We provide Individualized tutoring approach and one on one tutoring service after our customized tutoring setup for every student. Meanwhile, to get the best result from a one on one tutoring, we have a process. Remember, the process is the recipe of our successful tutoring program and the reason for many success stories in the past 2 decades. Our one on one tutoring can be set either in private setup or classroom setup. To keep the tutoring affordable for families, we offer one on one tutoring with 1 tutor to 4 students ratio. However most of the time students are fewer than 4 per tutor. 

Lowest Tutoring Price & Best Tutoring Service

 Sis Enrichment Center is known to have the best tutoring environment program for students with, private classroom setup. Our prices are competitive and are known very affordable

Our Triple Approach & Accelerated Improvement 



1. With our 2 decades of experience and professional tutoring  approaches helping students with their homework, they quickly improve their grades. 

2. Students receive similar homework assignment to master the topic. This helps them  master the topic.

3. With our Enrichment program and our years of proven worksheet we build a strong foundation. Student’s become motivated learners, and get recognized at school in a short time. 

Professional, & Experienced Tutors

 Sis Enrichment Center provides customized programs for each individual student, considering grade level, foundation, struggles, and other limitations, so that our students get the best results in a short time.

You’ll Have a Peace of Mind 100% guaranteed 

 It’s a parent wish to see her child’s happy face with lots of motivation to learn. Our students love our center more than anywhere else. We have a secret recipe called “Triple approach.” Try and make it your best decision. 

No More Worries & Stress

 Very soon you will experience how fast your child will build confidence, and gain motivation towards learning. We target the root, to deliver a fast result, for your life investment, so you can spend more time with your child and have fun.


Recent changes in educational system created ambiguous situations even for teachers. We feel and observe the frustrations.

Team work style classrooms, evaluation system, in consistent textbooks, merged subjects, and many other problems has become overwhelming for students. 

We resolve the problem offering complementary assignment beside helping students with their math homework


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