Sis Enrichment Center structured beyond tutoring


Creating Happy Faces

You and your child will love our tutors and tutoring cervices from day 1. Our tutors are trained with our systematic approaches, to build confidenceenhance motivation, and deliver quick results

We provided Individualized tutoring approach and one on one tutoring service after our customized tutoring setup for every student. Meanwhile, get the best result from a one on one tutoring, we have a process. Remember, the process is the recipe of our successful tutoring program and the reason for many success stories in the past 2 decades. Our one on one tutoring can be set either in private setup or classroom setup. To keep the tutoring affordable for families, we offer one on one tutoring with 1 tutor to 4 students ratio. However most of the time students are fewer than 4 per tutor. 

Lowest Tutoring Price & Best Tutoring Service

 Sis Enrichment Center is known to have the best tutoring environment program for students with, private classroom setup. Our prices are competitive and are known very affordable

Our Triple Approach & Accelerated Improvement 



1. With our 2 decades of experience and professional tutoring  approaches helping students with their homework, they quickly improve their grades. 

2. Students receive similar homework assignment to master the topic. This helps them to master the topic.

3. With our Enrichment program and our years of proven worksheet we build a strong foundation. Student’s become motivated learners, and get recognized at school in a short time. 

Professional, & Experienced Tutors

 Sis Enrichment Center provides customized programs for each individual student, considering grade level, foundation, struggles, and other limitations, so that our students get the best results in a short time.

You’ll Have a Peace of Mind 100% guaranteed 

 It’s a parent wish to see her child’s happy face with lots of motivation to learn. Our students love our center more than anywhere else. We have a secret recipe called “Triple approach.” Try and make it your best decision. 

No More Worries & Stress

 Very soon you will experience how fast your child will build confidence, and gain motivation towards learning. We target the root, to deliver a fast result, for your life investment, so you can spend more time with your child and have fun.


Recent changes in educational system created ambiguous situations even for teachers. We feel and observe the frustrations.

Team work style classrooms, evaluation system, in consistent textbooks, merged subjects, and many other problems has become overwhelming for students. 

We resolve the problem offering complementary assignment beside helping students with their math homework


Tutoring in Glendale and Burbank