Once I signed up a 7th grade student for math tutoring. When I assessed him, he failed to answer 4th grade and up math questions. he even couldn’t add fractions with unlike denominators.

His parents realized about the severity of the problem after 4 years, and brought him to tutoring. He was actually forced to come to tutoring, and he didn’t have any motivation to learn;  he lost it many years ago.

How  would he learn four years material in just one year thought?! He was singed up to get help for math, but he was behind in all subjects. He had lost his motivation to learn years ago, and all these years he received just a passing score.

I have seen students like him many many times. I have an eight grader  now who cannot add the same kind of fractions.

I always tell parents that the school grades don’t mean anything to me, because I don’t know how students have been evaluated.

This is a very big problem. It hurts students’ future.

His mother was crying while telling me her sorry. I felt so sad for them and wanted to do anything to help them, and I did. At that point , the student was so far behind academically  that he didn’t even want to give it a  try. Both parents were busy working to make living for the family.

Why am I telling you this? I’ve said it to many of my clients whenI found the chance. I wanted them to be aware of their child’s actual knowledge, and don’t rely on school grading.

Sometime parents ask me for a solution and I tell them to evaluate their children themselves using a proper source, and if they realize difference in school grade and their evaluation, look for help.

I figured this post can reach out to more people and prevent them getting in such a mess.

I have prepared my own set of problems to test students, and if you want I’ll share them with you.

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Norair Vertanus