Acrylic painting

Acrylic Painting for Kids

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Acrylic painting for kids

In our art center we teach acrylic painting for kids. In these classes we mainly focus on teaching them the different acrylic techniques and the different types of acrylic paint. These together help create a better painter because then they get the full understanding of not only acrylic painting, but all forms or art. 

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Acrylic Techniques

When it come to acrylic painting, there are multiple acrylic techniques that you need to learn. The main ones are to use a pallet knife, and a little water to your paint, and blend your paints. You use your pallet knife to create a better consistency in the paint and to make it smoother. When you want to paint a bigger area you add little water to your paint to help it spread. Lastly, you blend your paints so that you don’t have parts where the paint doesn’t flow well.

Types of Acrylic paint

When we talk about the types of acrylic paint we mean how runnythe paint is. Some paint companies mix more water into their paint than others which makes it better for big areas that you need to paint. Others however have a thicker paint which is better for the small details that need to be added. When painting its a good idea to use both types of paint to create a nice contrast in the artwork.