Sis Enrichment Center is one of very few after – school enrichment programs that helps students in different areas.

We established Sis Enrichment Center with a vision of improving students confidence while helping them with their educational needs. This center has operated by helping students with their tutoring needs for more than 18 years.


Establishment of Sis Enrichment Center

Expansion of our services to include music and art programs was our vision from many years ago, and it was solely to help students improve their confidence, and creativity, social behavior, education, learning ability and many other factors.


We seek individuals with a passion to help children teaching them math, reading, science, art and music.



  • The tutor has to help the child or children in whatever subject they are having a difficulty with
  • They have to devise new methods of teaching if the child is having trouble learning through the conventional method
  • They can design workshops for the children so that they can learn better in different atmosphere than school
  • The tutor will keep a report about each child they work with so they can see the progress of the child
  • They contact the teacher and the parents of the child, and they have to share information about the child.
  • The tutors should have excellent communication skills, so they can interact with the child
  • Most importantly, the tutors have to be well-versed in the curriculum they will be helping the students with
  • Though not mandatory, but it is an advantage if the tutor has some knowledge about child psychology
  • They have to make sure that the students improve their grades as it is their primary task.



  • Experience working with children preferred.
  • Full-time Teaching and/or Corporate Training, as well as Retail experience a plus
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, written and oral, with adults and children
  • Strong Math and/or Reading aptitude
  • Commitment to making a difference in the community and belief in the importance of education

Ability to work afternoons/early evenings. (3-4 times/week)


To apply for a tutoring, music, or art positions, send your resume to: