Elementary Math Tutoring

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Lack of a proper Foundation

Arithmetic math or Elementary Math is the foundation of Algebra and Geometry. Student with a weak foundation struggle in math all the time. Negligence at this stage is costly for a long time.

Parents unaware of problems

Parents who are relying on school grading become unaware of gaps in foundation. A professional elementary math tutor aware of standards can help to detect the problem and offer a right solution. Our Tutors are trained. We transfer our 2 decades of experience to our tutors, to get a great result from their effort.

Building strung foundation

One important pillar of our system is to help students building a solid foundation. At the elementary stage our student learn also time management, creative thinking and practice clear thinking.


We test our students and passing score is 90% to move up to other topics. This program is offered with our Enrichment program. This high standard helps them to rank the top student of their class, school or district.

Math Homework Help

Recent changes in educational system created ambiguous situations even for teachers. We feel and observe the frustrations.

Group work style classrooms, evaluation system, in consistent textbooks, merged subjects, and many other problems has become overwhelming for students. 

We resolve the problem offering complementary assignment beside helping students with their math homework.