Watercolor Painting

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Watercolor painting for kids

Here and sis enrichment center, we teach watercolor painting for kids. When we teach this to the art students it mainly consist of teaching them the watercolor techniques and the main difference between watercolor and other media. With this students are then able to grasp the knowlege of learning how to paint usint watercolor and succeed. 

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Watercolor techniques

When done correctly Watercolor artworks become very elegant. In order to make it beautiful, there are a couple watercolor techniques that one must learn. The most important techniques are dry on dry, wet on dry, and dry on wet.       Each of these techniques have to do with the amount of water you add to the brush. Wet is whenever you have a wet brush using the paint and dry is when your brush is dry. This is important to know because the dryer your brush is means the thicker the paint will be.  

Difference between Watercolor and other media

The main difference between watercolor and other media is the paint. By paint we mean the difference in the thickness and how easily you can spread the paint. Watercolor is a watery paint itself, so it is easier to spread it unlike denser paints such as acrylic. Same goes for other paints like oil which is not as thick as acrylic but is this significantly thicker than watercolor.  

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