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Personalized English Tutoring

At Sis Enrichment Center, we offer English Tutoring. We have been doing so for twenty years. Consequently, our tutors are very skilled in English. Additionally ,they’re there to help students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Of course, our English Tutoring service includes, reading tutoring program, writing tutoring and reading comprehension as well as grammar. We, also offer private English tutoring sessions.

Summer Tutoring Programs

Concentrated Reading Tutoring Program

Sis Enrichment Center’s reading tutoring program’s focus is on enhancing the reading skills that a student needs to acquire. Our skilled tutors teach the fundamentals needed for students to succeed. In addition, we focus on creating an environment where students get motivated to learn and improve  their skills. 

Fast Improving Writing Tutoring Sessions

Sis Enrichment Center offers writing tutoring to help students enhance their writing skills. So that, we put a great emphasis on grammar, spelling, essay writing, letter recognition and figurative language knowledge. Hence, after all the great effort, our students feel confident. Additionally, with our proven writing tutoring program we help students improve their learning curve in a short time. 

Mastering Reading Comprehension Skills

Sis Enrichment Center offers a professional reading comprehension programs. Mainly, our tutors offer personalized assistance to help students move forward with reading. Besides, students learn to comprehend their reading. Subsequently, with the reading comprehension program, students improve story comprehension. They also learn comprehension of reading sections, and improve vocabulary knowledge. Additionally, they improve their writing skills. In summery, there is a great concentration on developing their overall English comprehension and spelling knowledge. 

Private English Tutoring

You can receive private English tutoring at both of our locations in Burbank and Glendale. With our one on one tutoring services, and private tutoring sessions your child can get the best quality of tutoring. Hence, your child will benefit from our personalized lessons, enhancing their learning experience.

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