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By Norair & Nancy

Private tutoring impact on children’s confidence!

Does your child constantly ask for your help on homework? Does he constantly ask for your corrections? We’ve heard this from parents over and over. Some parents even complain that despite hiring a private tutor, their children don’t have confidence toward their work, so they constantly need the parents approval about their task.

It is not about asking questions. It’s about their confidence on their work, and eventually confidence on themselves.

Kids are born with confidence. They are also born with their natural creative gene. Community, schools and parents could be the reason to limit the Child’s confidence from growing. When it comes to education: educators, and teachers could have a great roll to help growing students’ confidence or vise versa.

Private tutors as well may have a negative impact on children’s confidence, due to their limited experience and psychology of teaching, of course if they don’t have proper training.

The key and big idea is called “Expert’s approach”.

Experts approach is not only about expertly transferring information, it is about engaging students to learn the material while they build their confidence as well. The tutoring sessions have to be fulfilled with both educational and confidence building strategies.

So if you think this applies to you, “expert’s approach” is the key to save your time and investment on your child.

What our clients say

I am very happy joining this awesome enrichment center. My children attend both art and tutoring classes. Their location is very kids friendly. I recommend this place to all parents.


My cousin's son attended to Sis Tutoring Center 7 years ago. I love Sis Enrichment Center for their constant improvement. It keeps above and beyond other centers. I rate them A+