Free for One Year

FREE Tutoring & Art Lessons For One Year

Sis Enrichment Center is  proud to be the number one and the only tutoring and learning center  nationwide to focus on improving students learning abilities by offering activities that balance both sides of the brain. Sis Enrichment Center activities will enhance creative thinking, critical thinking, social behavior, memorizing, and much more.

We believe the number one factor to excel student’s achievement is to improve their confidence. That has been our goal for the past 17 years.  Since July 2017 however we have facilitated more advanced programs to achieve the goal quicker.


We have budgeted to offer FREE tutoring and Art lessons to 4 students per location and per activity.

The drawing will be live on Sis Enrichment Center Page:

First drawing will be on  Monday July 16th 2018:

Second drawing will be on Monday October 16th 2018:

Third drawing will be on Monday January 14th 2019:

Fourth drawing will be on Monday April 15th 2019:

Drawings will be held on our Glendale location at 818 N. Pacific Ave #N Glendale, Ca at 7:00 PM.

One of our current 5-7 year old student will perform the drawing. The winners will get 12 months of FREE tutoring and art lessons which is worth more than $1,800.00.

To participate in the FREE Tutoring drawing, You need to:

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We wish you good luck.

Note: Minimum participation for drawing is required.

The winner will pay other costs such as material and registration fee.