Why Not? Home Tutoring

Sacrificing Time vs. Home Tutoring

We offered home tutoring from 2002 – 2005, and we realized many problems with tutoring at home.


We conducted many simultaneous tests from both students we served at home and at the center for an entire year from 2004-2005. About 84% of the times, students attending to the tutoring center performed much better than students who were tutored at home.

Here are few important reasons for slow improvement of home tutoring.

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Constant Distraction

Majority of students constantly get distracted. Their attention spam is much shorter at home, and they don’t have a right mindset to accept lessons while they are at home. Disengagement to adjust themselves and accept tutoring sessions takes time and reduces productivity and eventually hurts the outcome. 

Mastery Supervision

We realized a customized tutoring approach helps students to get quick results. Customize tutoring sessions are required constant improvement and adjustments as student are progressing. The customization of the sessions has to be done by an experienced individuals. Most of the time private tutor attending at home lack the necessary experience to diagnose the problems, and apply a proper adjustments. That’s one important reason why tutoring place with an expert’s supervision can deliver much better tutoring results than home tutoring. Sis Enrichment Center with more than 2 decades of experienced supervisors and managers prepares customized tutoring programs for each individual student.


We’ve seen in the last 2 decades how a great tutoring facility can help students learning progress. That’s been the corner stone of our work, and every step of our work is to prepare means of improving students motivation towards learning. That includes tutors approach, classroom setup, tutoring sessions, center’s environment, number of students, sitting arrangement, distractions, comfort and many more factors. The first they walking  to our tutoring center you will notice the difference between Sis Enrichment Center and other tutoring locations. 

Clients share their experience

I love Sis Enrichment Center being so thoughtful for parents, to provide a great waiting space. Their space is designed to see the children activities. We know exactly what they are doing.
I don't need to drive back home or wait in the car. I stay at the center and socialize with parents. I'm new but, I have seen a great progress. I hear lots of good things about Sis Enrichment Center from parents when I talk to them. Try it yourself.
I sit there, wait and see how much Nancy cares about the students. I have never such energy, motivation and love of students towards learning. I appreciate their effort and love. I recommend Sis Enrichment Center to all parents.
Amy Winter

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