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 The new Integrated Math books have caused many students to seek our tutoring help. Hence, that’s why our Integrated Math Tutoring services are designed to help students advance in Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 2, and Integrated Math 3 concepts.

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Integrated Math 1 : 9th Grade Integrated Math Help

In the recent years, the high school math books have changed. These changes have caused many problems for many students. For instance, many claim that it does not directly teach them math, but confuses them with given questions.

Integrated Math 1 is usually what most of the 9th graders take. However, there are many students in lower and higher algebra levels. For example, many students have had the chance to take Algebra 1 in middle school. Integrated Math 1 is usually a mix of algebra 1 and the first part of geometry. Our Integrated tutoring services cover everything students need in every algebra 1 class. In summary, our programs cover integrated math 1 to help all students in 9th grade.

Integrated Math 2 Tutoring : 10th Grade Integrated Math Help

Following Integrated Math 1, comes Integrated Math 2 for 10th graders. Integrated Math 2 is a mix of algebra 2 and the second part of geometry. We understand that the given textbook might be tiring and frustrating. However, we are here to help students learn math with a one on one tutoring setup. Eventually, this helps improve the students standing in the math knowledge. 

Integrated Math 3 Tutoring: 11th Grade Integrated Math Help

Integrated Math 3 is a mixture of algebra 2 and pre-calculus. This is also called Math Analysis or CPM. The subject of the book is the same as the past year. However, the instruction is drastically different. Meanwhile, we are here to help kids advance in their math skills and get prepared for university. 

12th Grade Math Tutoring

We started our affordable tutoring services about two decades ago. Our family-based tutoring services are based on the student’s needs. Furthermore, each student’s needs are different and that’s why we offer customized tutoring. Our customized tutoring services are set up in a classroom. Students can benefit from our customized tutoring services in a one on one classroom setup. In addition, our tutoring services are affordable, hence both parents and students can take advantage of our services. This is why we are known to be one of the best one on one tutoring services in the region. We are happy to be impactful in creating many successful stories


Our very successful Integrated Math Tutoring setup helps students to improve in a shot time. Our integrated math help sessions drive great results. 

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