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Sis Enrichment Center

Sis Enrichment Center offers one of the most comprehensive enrichment programs to deliver fast results.

Kids Enrichment Program

First Step for enrichment is to build a solid foundation.

Kids Enrichment Program

Our Enrichment program is a full package tutoring service for students who want to build a solid foundation and then advance into higher levels. This is a proven program and let hundreds of students advance into calculus in high school, and score very high on their SAT. 

Detect The Problems

Our first step is to detect the fundamental problems. With our diagnostic testing we evaluate students foundation. We observe constant changes of educational standards, that hurts students academically. Our solution is offered after carefully examining the problems for the first month.

Build The Foundation

The main reason students lag is the lack of proper foundation. This eventually hurts their motivation to learn. After detecting the problems we start building the foundation and motivation with multiple approaches at the same time. Our successful strategies are the results of 2 decades of experience.

Get Advanced

Our last stage of kids enrichment program is to transition students, and keep them ahead of school. Students participating to our Enrichment Program become the best students at school. Many successful students of neighboring schools were from Sis Tutoring Center who signed up to our Enrichment Program.

" I was surprised when I realized about the material that was left behind. My son's grades suddenly dropped dramatically. Sis Enrichment approach was very professional to resolve the problem in a short time."
Hana Elvine
Glendale Mom
" Sis Enrichment Center offers the best kids enrichment program. I worked for a district and I recommend Sis to all because their service is very unique to build the foundation in a short time. My daughter became so motivated to learn in just few weeks."
Jonas Smith
Ex District Employee