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Math Tutoring Center

Our math tutoring centers are located in Glendale, and Burbank. We’ve been around helping students for nearly 2 decades. We help students in our after school programs where our math tutors incorporate our math tutoring programs. Therefor, teaching students everything they need to know in order to be academically successful. 

Math tutoring programs

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Our Summer learning activities have a great focus on 2 group of students. First, we help students with weaker bases to build their foundation. Second group of students are the one who want to get advanced with their subject matter. We provide worksheets, for both groups of students. our programs are in one on one tutoring approaches. 

After school tutoring ​

We tutor student in a year round after school tutoring. This is not only a perfect time for students, but parents as well. However, over the summer there is no school so we added summer tutoring as well which would be at the same time it’s always at.

Math tutors​

Our math tutors are caring individuals who always want the best for students. We have put them through intensive training and gone through a background check to not only ensure to us, but the parents too that their children are truley in the best of hands. 

Math tutoring Programs

At our tutoring center, we have multiple programs that will help students academically. First of all, we help them understand the lesson as a whole with helping them with their homework problems. Secondly, we offer similar homework problems which in turn allows them to move on to the next lesson. Finally, our third program is the enrichment program where we test the students with our own diagnostic test. We also give students our own packets so they can go ahead of what they are learning in school

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