Oil Painting For Kids

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Oil Painting For Kids

Here in out art center, we teach oil painting for kids. Oil painting is a difficult skill to lear. So, we help student learn about oil painting at a younge age. Along with that, we also teach them oil painting skills and oil painting techniques that will help them become better artists. 

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Learn about oil painting

 We help students learn about oil painting in ways. We start by telling them the basics then move on to more advanced things like the oil painting techniques. Oils are the thickest paints and easiest to control. They however take days to dry. There is just something about oils that make that medium the king of all mediums. Oils can hold a great deal of pigment, which is why oil paintings can be richer in color than some of the other mediums. This gives artist a wide variety for the type of painting they want to do. 

Oil painting techniques

A couple main oil painting techniques that will help students not only in oil painting but in all other medias is, To always keep their colors pure, to always use a palette knife, and to never over mix. Keeping your colors pure means that they should always have the unmixed colors they use incase they need to make more paint. A palette knife is a artists go to tool in painting. It helps not only smoothen the paint but it is very helpful when mixing paints with each other. Lastly, you should never over mix because when you mix, the colors blend  more so if you are looking for a color and you mix a little bit more it wont be the same color you desire. 

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