Pastel Painting

Pastel Painting

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Pastel Painting for Kids

Here at Sis Enrichment Center, we teach pastel painting for kids. We teach this to them at a young age so when they grow up and continue to do art, they can be masters at it. When we teach them this type of media, we start by introducing the pastel forms. We will also teach them  a wide variety of pastel techniques that will be vary usefull later down the road.

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pastel forms

Pastel has multiple forms. More specifically there are four pastel forms. These forms include hard pastels, soft pastels, pastel pencils, and oil pastels. First of all, hard pastel is most commonly used in drawing because of its chalk like figure. Next, soft and oil pastels have a waxxy texture that is best suited for painting. It is also very helpful to use this when coloring the background of a art piece. Lastly, pastel pencils are are pastels in the shape of coloring pencils and are known to be used by proffesionals because it is light,  fast and fade resistant.

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pastel techniques

When using patel you must keep in mind that there are many techniques that should be used. Drawing with the end of a pastel, Using the edge of a pastel, Hatching and cross hatching, Blending pastels, and Scumbling pastels, Feathering with pastel Dusting with pastels. All of these methods create different textures and they all look differently.

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