These videos are going to teach you how to convert a fraction, and a decimal into a percent.

Question: Of Every 8 hot dogs Marta sold, 6 had mustard and radish. What percent had mustard and radish?

Practice: Out of 20 books that you have, 8 of them are fiction books. What percent of your books are fiction? 


Question: What percent of 250 is 20?


Practice problem: What percent of 80 is 20? 

Question: 56 is 70% of what number?


Practice problem: 45 is 40% of what number?

Question: Mary received the results of a test in geometry class. The ratio of number of correct answers to the total number of questions is 48 to 50. What is the ratio?


Practice problem: You answered 23 out of 25 Algebra questions correctly on your final exam. What percent of your answers were correct? what is the ratio?

Question: During the month of April, Anna earned 140% as much as Albert. If Anna earned $119 during April how much did Albert earn?

Practice problem: If You earn 130% as much as your friend Michael. The dollar amount your earned is $190. How much was Michael’s earning? 

Question 1: What number is 0.6% of 500?

Question 2: 25 is what percent of 125?

Question 3: 10 is 25% of what number?

Practice problems 1: 23 is 25% of what number?

Practice problem 2: 15 is what percent of 260?

Practice problem 3: What number is 0.5% of 120?


Question 1: I want to buy a used car and need to have a down payment of 25%. If the car I want to buy costs $2200, how much down payment will I need?


Practice problem: You want to buy a computer, and need to 15% down payment. If the computer costs $2300, how much down payment will you need?