Private Tutoring In Glendale

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Private Tutoring in Burbank & Glendale

Sis Enrichment center has proven strategic approaches for private tutoring service. In fact this  approach helps students to gain confidence, and get a faster result. Not to mention our private tutors in Glendale and Burbank get trained and gain our years of experience to deliver the best private tutoring service. Further more we provide them all the tools and tricks of the private tutoring.

For example just a few to mention:

they learn how to diagnose, and how to remedy the problems,

how to encourage, and crate motivation

how to control the sessions, and keep it fun.

3 major technical strategies we offer helps students to get the best results in a short time. Students staying long enough with our tutoring sessions go through layers of work and become advanced students.

We assess their weaknesses, with customized diagnostics testing, and a month of close supervision from the managers

They receive relative problems to build their foundation, if they wanted to be in our enrichment programs. (no extra charge)

Tutors help them with their homework, independent of their grade level and subject.

Students get extra problems like school homework to practice, even common core subjects.

And, with our Enrichment program setup, they soon become advanced students.