Home Tutoring vs. Tutoring Center

Many Years of Service

Sis is kind of like a “grandparent” of tutoring services in Glendale, Burbank, Encino & North Hollywood. We started out our services offering home tutoring in 2002. Many of our  students have already college education, and children of their own now. Very soon, we have to tutor their children, like grandparents. (Sis Tutoring Center)

Served more than 400 students, (6 years)

6005 Vineland Ave


We helped more than 500 students, (10 years)

731 S. Central Ave


We served more than 900 students, (16 years)

1946 W. Glenoaks Blvd

We served more than 100 students, (2 years)

17915 Ventura Blvd



In 2003, once we opened our physical location, we invited students to our location. We conducted series of tests and evaluations of both groups of students. 😉

1. Students who attended  our location

2. Students who received our services at their place. 

In all cases, students who attended  our location performed much better than the other group.

Suscribe and Learn About it

It’s been long years, even though it doesn’t seem that long, and we didn’t feel time flying. All  these years we’ve always been keep looking to improve our services. We’ve observed, studied, and analyzed students’ progress and tested different approaches. 

consequently, we’ve came up with a one of a kind, unique, and customizable service for every student’s need. This was breathtaking and took many years to transition. 

This became a true “Enrichment” program, that helps students improve academically by solving their problems deep in roots.


Tutoring programs
We’ve been observing the motivation boost in our students because of our services that helped:
  •  balance students left and right side brain development, 
  • improve social behavior, 
  • increase memorizing capability, 
  • enhance cognitive thinking, 
  • boost creative thinking  
  • learn critical thinking

How We DiD it?

  • Art of Creative Thinking:
    We set up special drawing and painting classes with a focus on creative activities. It has created tremendous interest among our students. It helps to shape their right side brain, cognitive and creative thinking, improved their social behavior and learning motivation
  • Piano & Guitar Lessons:
    Learning how to play an instrument, helps to improve confidence, memorization, mathematics, social behavior and much more.
  • Tutoring Simplified Strategy:
    How tutoring can really be simplified? It's when students have motivation to learn. A great tutoring service will provide every single possibility to initiate motivation. Then, learning becomes sweet for children, and tutoring becomes smooth, sweet and simple for tutors.
tutoring in glendale

What about Parents!

We all want the best for our children and invest on their future; but at times we get overwhelmed. We have observed how stressful, time consuming and tiring it is to  take children around to different activities. 

We have simplified it for you offering all in one home like, beautiful, and friendly location;

Shortcut to the SOLUTION

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