Art Lessons for Kids

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Art Lessons For Kids

Sis Enrichment Center has art lessons for kids where we have created various art activities for kids. In these activies kids learn to use different medias. These include pastel, acrylic, color pencil, watercolor, oil, and charcoal. 

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Art Activities For Kids

Our art activities for kids are made specifically so that kids can have the freedom to express themselves and have fun. These activites are to help kids what their favorite media is and what type of drawing they want to do so that the instructor can help them reach that goal they are working towards. 


In pastel there come four different forms which include hard pastels, soft pastels, pastel pencils, and oil pastels. A good thing about pastels is that they are held in the same way that you would hold a pencil. With using pastel there are many techniques that one should learn. To learn the difference between the different forms and the techniques click below!


Acrylic is amazing for beginners. They are easy to work with because they’re thicker than watercolor paints. Because of its thickness, acrylic is easy to blend with other colors and easy to control when painting on canvas. Acrylic dries quickly and turns into plastic. For more information about acrylic painting click below!

Color Pencil

While colored pencils were once considered to be primarily for kids, throughout the years they have been steadily gaining respect amongst artists, galleries, and collectors. Artists are exploring the creative potential of this art-making medium, while art collectors and enthusiasts are wondering at their output. To learn more abouut color pencil drawing click below!


Of all the painting processes, watercolor painting is known for its inherent delicacy and subtlety because watercolor art is all about thin washes and transparent color. With doing watercolor there are multiple techniques that students must learn. For more information about watercolor click below!


Oil is the thickest paints and easiest to control. They however take days to dry. There is just something about oil that makes that medium the king of all mediums. Oil can hold a great deal of pigment, which is why oil paintings can be richer in color than some of the other mediums. To learn more about oil painting click below!


Charcoal is one of the hardests dry medias to master. When using charcoal there is alot of residue that it leaves and if you are not careful, you can destroy your whole artwork. However, when doing drawing using charcoal it turns into masterpieces that look like it was done by professional artists. Alothough difficult, it is a beautiful media to use.

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