Kids Music Lessons

If you are looking for music lessons for kids and want them learn how to play an instrument, Sis Enrichment Center is where you want them to be!
At Sis Enrichment Center, we understand the importance of music education,and we are committed to provid our students with the highest quality lesson programs.

We offer piano and guitar lessons.

About music lessons:

  •         Private, one-on-one instruction provided
  •         Reasonable rates with no long-term commitments! Every student is on a simple, month-to-month basis.
  •         We make learning fun! By taking a modern approach fused together with the basics, students have fun while learning to play properly.

Music Instructors

  • Our teachers are all educated, top-rated professionals with music degrees in their field and years of teaching experience. We are extremely selective with what teachers we add to our program, to certify that we provide our students with the best teachers.
  •         Learn at your own pace! Beginners to advanced, all styles and levels, we have the right program for you.
  • Our instructor is a member of Music Teachers’ Association Of California, and one of the judges of MERIT Certifications program. 


  •  Our piano lessons focus on classical, jazz, popular, or traditional piano pieces or any combination of music styles you like.
  •        Our students range from 4 old to 80 plus, and our experienced piano teachers are happy to work with absolute beginners, intermediate, or advanced musicians.
  •        We offer month to month lesson commitments.
  •        our very patient and encouraging piano instructor will keep you motivated and will help you learn to play the pieces that you love!
  •        Learn music you love to play while learning excellent technique. You are never too old to learn how to play piano! We have piano classes for adults too.

Lesson Duration: 30, 45, minute piano lessons.


  •        Sis Enrichment Center is happy to offer acoustic and electric guitar lessons at our center in Glendale to children and adult students of all levels. Beginners of any age are welcome!
  •        All our guitar lessons are one-on-one lessons. With the undivided attention of your teacher, you or your child will see the results many times faster than in a group setting!
  •        30, 45, minute guitar lessons