A great tutoring service, art or music program, a great center and lots of effort to get a good result is very hard to find. What’s not pleasant about it, is wasting money and time and getting undesirable results.

Some parent might seek for a cheaper program, and waste their time and money, and realize it after a year or even years later.

Every day we see students with bad foundation challenging to recover. They hired private tutors, or attended “business oriented” tutoring centers. You know what I’m talking about…


On this page we want to help parent who really have difficulty to pay for tutoring, and offer them incentives.

You just call


and we’ll try to help you as the best as we can.

Don’t forget to mention about our specials.

Remember we have art center to develop students creativity. we also offer Piano and Guitar to help balancing left and right site brain.

Music and Art programs deliver many advantages such as helping students with their learning abilities, social behavior, mood, creativity, critical thinking, memory and more…