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Summer Tutoring Programs

After 2 decades of serving children with their academic needs, we are well aware of educational standards. Summer learning loss is one major reason students fall behind the following year. Indeed, that’s also one main reason schools fall behind to cover the state curriculum “properly.” Our skilled tutors make a big difference in a short time.

Summer Tutoring Programs

Summer Learning Activities

Our Summer learning activities have a great focus on 2 group of students. First, we help students with weaker bases to build their foundation. Second group of students are the one who want to get advanced with their subject matter. We provide worksheets, for both groups of students. our programs are in one on one tutoring approaches. 

Summer Math Tutoring

Sis Enrichment Center offers summer math tutoring in advance setup. So that, our students will feel confident just from the beginning of the following year. That’s why, our summer math tutoring helps students improve their learning curve in a short time. 

Summer Reading Tutoring

Sis Enrichment Center offers summer reading tutoring. Besides, students learn to comprehend their reading. They, also improve their writing skills with our summer reading tutoring programs. Furthermore, there is great concentration on developing their vocabulary and spelling knowledge. Last but not least, our skilled tutors are great assets to help you accomplish in a short time.

Find The Best Skilled Summer Tutors

Summer tutors of our learning center are aware of the weaknesses causing students struggle during the year. So, they put a great focus during the summer to build students’ foundation needed to understand the concept during the year. In addition our tutors have trained to deliver our 2 decades of knowledge. Consequently, this helps our student to get great results in a short time.

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