Tutoring Transformation

Tutoring Evolution

Hi my name is Norair, It’s been more that 20 years that I’ve been working with children helping them academically to become the top notch student of their class and school.

It was 14 years ago that I created our K-12 curriculum and implemented it into our enrichment program.  Since then our program has helped many of our students get admitted in top universities, such as UC Berkeley, UC LA, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford, Pepperdine and many others.

These students were only a fraction of our students who had enough motivation to excel, how about the rest. We always looked for solutions to improve the outcomes.

Tutoring Transformation

Impact of Art & Music on Children

After years of observation, and research we figured the importance of art and music in child development, and created programs for them.

Art had a great deal of impact to develop student’s left side brain improving their creativity, and social behavior.

And playing music had significant roll balancing children’s brain to improve their memory, mathematics and language arts.

Impact of Confidence on Children

Doing further studies, observation, and testing we realized the importance and correlation of students belief system about their abilities and their academic achievement. This became the foundation of our enrichment programs latter.

Since then, we started new approaches and provided special assignments to improve student’s confidence and their belief system.

This strategy solved the procrastination problems among many of our students. They become more motivated to complete their homework, enjoyed participating in class, answering questions and even sharing their knowledge with their friends.

That’s not all.

Distribution Circle

Our mission is to take an extra mile for the children in our community. We look for every possible way to get the best result.

We invite parents to share their problems opinions with us, get involved and help us to get the best outcome.

Now, we invite you to get into our distribution circle, share your experience, learn from our experience, and invest better on your child.

In our distribution circle, we share our day to day and years of experience that can help you better investing on your child.

To become a member of our distribution circle, simply submit the form below.